Introducing the Mach2.3

The third major upgrade in the illustrious life of the Mach2 Moth has been completed and is now shipping.

We've been working hard to make the Mach2 faster, stronger and more reliable, whilst only adding 150 grams to the overall weight.

The M2.3 incorporates production improvements, lessons learned from the Sorrento World Championships and sailor feedback.

This is the best version yet of the our 7 times World Championship winning boat.

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So you've decided to buy a Moth!


So you’ve decided to buy a new Moth! Congratulations It is one of the best decisions you have ever made, and we imagine you’ve made some good ones! But now sailing will take a turn for the better as you will shortly join the other fly boys and girls, for whom Moth sailing has become not only something one does on a Sunday, but of a way of life.

Ok, so now you‘ve told the world! Facebook and Twitter whistle with strong approvals from your friends as heady endorsements flood in.  Everyone wants to know  “when?” what model?” “Can I have a go?’  It makes you feel great! The first great feeling in a series of millions of great feelings that you will experience throughout your Moth career.  We bet that as you go to work tomorrow you’ll walk a few inches taller as you know that soon you will be sailing with the best sailors, in the best atmosphere, in the fastest growing class in the world!


“Soon?’ Well that’s a vague word. What do you mean? Well before we go on lets cut to the chase. The purpose of this article isn’t to romance you. It is to get you to ask yourself some salient questions that we’ve asked other Mach 2 owners to ask themselves in order to determine which new Moth to go for.  Sure you can claim that this article is to sell you a boat, and you wouldn’t be far wrong, but equally you can’t claim that you know more than we do. We’ve been sailing Moths since the Ark grounded and between you and me Jesus didn’t actually walk on water, still things get lost in the midst of time. Anyway business apart we want you to make the right decisions, for you and for the class.

So anyway back to “soon” or “when” . When you place your order ask yourself, can I rely on the quoted delivery time? In fact am I happy to be a year older when my new boat is delivered??

We at Mach 2 have a 5 week waiting list which is both accurate and reliable. Not only can you plan to sail your boat, but also you will have an answer for all those Facebook questions! This means that instead of spending time worrying about whether you are going to get your boat before the next ice age you can spend your time worrying about where you are going to put the camera for your first sail.

So “when” is important! Don’t dilly dally, get your boat and get on with it.

But does an early delivery compromise the speed and quality of the boat you are going to get? The best things are worth waiting for, right? Well, no actually. It is perfectly possible to get the best things in life relatively quickly. The Mach 2 Moth has been the world conquering Moth design since its inception in 2008. Sure we are now on the Mach 2.2 version, but at each and every World Championship our boats have dominated the results in a way that Jamaican runners dominate sprinting.

The reason? Well, you see, because we have our build and delivery process nailed down it gives us time to focus some of our efforts on making the boat go faster. In short, building the boats does not occupy the company's every waking thought. We have time to invest in the future.  Andrew is out sailing with new parts almost each day. When these are put into production, you can upgrade the components on your Mach 2 as and when they prove faster. Development doesn’t necessarily mean adding cost though; it can make things cheaper too. As an example, our sophisticated front hydrofoil is so good that you don’t need a quiver of expensive foils to compete at the highest level. One will do, and it will work in light winds, heavy winds and, importantly, waves too.

Yet we hear you say.. “I’m an individual”. I don’t want what the mainstream has! I don’t want a production boat.”.  Well, if making 2 boats per week is “production” then we are pleased at the label, but don’t worry, there are many ways you can personalize your Mach2. Do spend some time thinking about the colour options.  In addition to our classic clear-coated carbon finish, you now have the option to have your boat painted in Red, Snow White, Matterhorn White, Aristo Blue, Flag Blue, Oyster White, Jade Mist Green or Whisper Grey. Equally there are tramp colour choices that give you the opportunity to make your boat look great or bloody awful depending on your idea of taste. In any event be balanced, the annual Zhik Mothapolooza challenge, a heady cash and kit prize for the most individual boat at the World Championships was won by a Mach 2 last year!

So, as we hurtle forward with other questions to answer, can we agree that you want your boat soon, and on time? Good!

Next question then, - what about support, back up spare parts and the warranty?

It is important that you have one. Not just a loosely agreed discussion about what happens if things break but a sure fire reliable process thoroughly endorsed by sailors who have gone before you so that you know, if things break and it’s a manufacturing fault, that they they will be replaced quickly.

The Mach 2 on-line warranty service allows you to register a warranty claim quickly and easily. You can expect an answer within days! 

And parts too! Mach 2 Moths are like ants, super strong for their size. Yet if you forget to bolt your foils together, the gardener runs over you hull with the sit-on lawn mower, or you leave your main foil in the overhead locker on the plane (all true) - then it's always comforting to know that our on-line spare parts service with PayPal and Credit Card payment facility will get you a new part on the way the next day.

OK, right!  We are now going to ask you to be terribly grown up and consider your new boat as an investment.  Moths aren’t cheap so you will want to know that the Mach 2 currently has Harley Davidson-like residuals which mean that the your “cost of sailing” is less than any other current Moth design.  In fact, used Mach 2’s are currently selling for outstandingly high prices, which is very comforting when you want to sell your boat.

Finally let's to talk about the rig. With other designs you have to order the rig separately or the builder will supply you one. With us you get a choice of three KA sails. Each has won the World Championships on a Mach 2. We will help you decide which is best for you as we discuss your order with you.  I’m afraid we only supply KA sails, and that is because that’s our company too! But that's not a bad thing because KA sails have won 10 of the last 11 Moth World championships covering 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015.

We hope this has given you some food for thought! Do think hard about those questions and allow yourself to get carried away with the brilliant feeling of being “a soon to be Moth sailor” once you’ve had a good think about them.  We find we’ve done well as a business by doing what’s right for the class, we were Moth sailors long before we built Moths of course, and if you decide to order from another builder then the most important thing is that you are, or will be at some point, a Moth sailor and that’s the most important thing of all!


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