Introducing the Mach2.3

The third major upgrade in the illustrious life of the Mach2 Moth has been completed and is now shipping.

We've been working hard to make the Mach2 faster, stronger and more reliable, whilst only adding 150 grams to the overall weight.

The M2.3 incorporates production improvements, lessons learned from the Sorrento World Championships and sailor feedback.

This is the best version yet of the our 7 times World Championship winning boat.

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Low Riding

How do I sail in low riding mode?

Try to keep the wings out of the water and sit about level with the centreboard.

Sheet out as far as possible when going downwind. It is sometimes faster to keep the flow over the sail downwind, most times better to sail near dead square or straight to the mark. One or the other, in-between does not work.

Try to understand the balance point, and remember that you still might need to hike out if necessary. Also use the rudder twist control to trim the boat so it is level fore and aft or bow down a little (This usually means pin near the front).

As the sails are cut very flat for foiling, it is easy to depower too much upwind. Pull on enough downhaul to take the major looseness out of the sail, but no need to make it fully smooth. Downwind let the downhaul quite loose.

In light winds you will need to grab the mainsheet system and "pop" the sail each time you gybe or tack.

When tacking, keep the helm over hard until fully on new tack to reduce chance of being stuck in irons.


Author: Simon Payne

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