Introducing the Mach2.3

The third major upgrade in the illustrious life of the Mach2 Moth has been completed and is now shipping.

We've been working hard to make the Mach2 faster, stronger and more reliable, whilst only adding 150 grams to the overall weight.

The M2.3 incorporates production improvements, lessons learned from the Sorrento World Championships and sailor feedback.

This is the best version yet of the our 7 times World Championship winning boat.

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Foiling Gybes / Foiling Tacks


Practising foiling tacks make non-foiling tacks much better.  Generally failed foiling tacks don't end up too bad. (Unless you launch yourself out of the boat) So:

- Make sure the boat is upright as you turn

- Turn fast

- Get across the boat fast

- Turn further than seems correct

- A short knot in the mainsheet can help the uncoordinated (not mentioning names) who drop the sheet. Turn far enough and knot will take up and bingo: you still foiling because you have power.



You don't want to hear this, but it needs to be said: practice, practice, practice. Some pointers for easy gybing (not necessarily to get around fast, but to get around easily):

- Ease the sheet and point down so you can get to a comfortable stable position on the wing tramp.

- Get the tiller extension over to the new windward side

- Steer the boat around to the new gybe direction keeping it flat by a combination of moving your body and steering under the rig. If there is enough wind to keep the boat speed up a few wobbles on the way will not matter.

- Pull the sail to the new gybe and pop the cams by a jerk on the mainsheet if not already done by wind pressure.


Author: Andrew McDougall

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