7 Straight Wins

Congrats to Pete Burling who won the tough 2015 Moth worlds in a convincing fashion with Nathan Outteridge never letting go but having to settle for second. Josh McKnight sailed a solid series for third. All were sailing Mach 2 with KA sail. This takes the Mach 2 to 7 straight wins for the world championship, every one since its launch in 2009. KA have now won 10 out of the last 11 world championships. We are not resting there though, already many lessons learn from these worlds are being incorporated to new builds. The Mach 2 is the worlds fastest Moth, we will make sure it stays that way and will keep working on making the best and most reliable customer experience. For those of you who own one, over 500 now, thanks for your support and I hope we can keep supporting you for many years. For those of you who are thinking of buying one, you won't regret it, you will love it and your partner will love the new invigorated you (if he/she ever sees you, as we have to admit: it is very addictive) Rgds AMAC



Burling and Outteridge head to head (c) Thierry Martinez

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