We've got your back!

Comforting to know that when you attend key regattas there is some support, especially in far away places. Well, when you buy a Mach 2 and attend a world championship, you can be sure that we are there to care for you.

At each World Championship Mach 2 provide dedicated repair and maintenance facilities, which always get the thumbs up from sailors.

What do we mean? Well let's explain. Looking like an Army field hospital we erect our M*A*S*H style workshop in the days before the event. The tarpaulin roof to keep the rain out (its never normally like this!) is carefully rigged and the stout workbench built. The many spares that we bring to keep you all on the water are unpacked and stored close to hand, power tools, fittings, nuts and bolts are all put in the right places. Within a few hours a mobile boat workshop is created which is capable of dealing with the most extreme damage.

 We ship tools from Australia and a host of new Mach 2 parts directly from the factory. We then take ourselves off to the local hardware store and buy everything from clamps to insulating tape.

 We also send a complete brand new boat to the event, and this often gets rented out and is often bought afterwards.

 And yes it does get busy! Not at first of course, and sailors come to talk about tuning developments and upgrades in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where world championship newbies hang out with the good and the great under the tarp and, perhaps with a beer, discuss together the latest foils or the newest tramps.

Yet as the regatta starts the mood changes and the focus shifts to getting broken and damaged boats back out on the water as quickly as possible. None do it better than Mach 2's Simon Owen-Smith who will burn the midnight oil in order to make sure the highlight in a sailor's year isn't ruined due to a little damage.

For example at the last World Championships Simon seamlessly fixed a number of main foils that had come into contact with the nearby reef! A local hazard, and one of the only things in Hawaii that won't be missed! We also carried out a number of impact repairs on hulls, which were back on the water and ready to race the next morning.

Yet the Mach 2 service area is also a shop where you can buy parts for your boat, and at this event we had the new Mach 2.2 bow mechanisms available together with the new Mach 2 low drag wing tramps. We were on hand to advise, and if you got stuck, we helped retrofit parts purchased at the event. We take a plentiful supply of parts and it's more than enough to get everyone through the week.

As double world champion and Mach 2 sailor Bora Gulari says "Simon Owen-Smith is a pure legend, without him and the Mach2 factory support so many people would not be able to make it back to the start line. It didn't matter if you were in the front of the fleet or the back, if you were willing to help he was too. He was always one of the first to arrive at the boat park and always the last to leave. He is the largest unsung hero at the whole event. Everyone owes him and Mach2 a hearty thank you."

Nice words from a great Champion and we hope this shows that our aftercare extends to keeping you on the water too. Our boats are designed to be used, and at the World Championships, the most important event of all in the Moth calendar, we'll do our best to keep you sailing, whatever happens!


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