Bora and Mach 2 win the 2013 World Championships

Congratulations to Bora Gulari of the USA on becoming the 2013 International Moth World Champion! This is the second time that Bora has won the title, and he did so in a week of unprecedented light winds, which saw many cancelled races at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. The event however also produced some amazing racing and the bar has once again been set to a higher standard. 

 A popular champion, Bora kept his nerve to the end, winning a couple of races but as importantly in the tricky conditions, never really having any bad races either.

2011 Moth World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Outteridge and 2012 World Champion runner up Scott Babbage, both from Australia finished second and third and must be disappointed that the final day’s racing with four races planned, was finally cancelled due to lack of wind.


The top three sailors all sailed Mach 2 Moths, demonstrating for the fifth year in succession that yet again the Mach 2 is the boat to beat and the choice of champions.  Mach 2 Moths have now won every World Championship since 2009 and our successful formula of producing high quality reliable products, linked to a strong development programme once again sees us lead the field.

On a wider note, the atmosphere created by eighty sailors with a shared and united passion for the Moth class is incredible, and this together with the popular media coverage which allowed people the world over to digitally enjoy the event means that the Moth class, the darling of the sailing world, continues to go from strength to strength.

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Full results on the McDougall+McConaghy 2013 Moth World Championship click here


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