The New Mach 2.3 Low drag tramps

Moth tramps have come along ways since the early days of Moth sailing. Back in the day it wasn't unusual for fisherman's nets to be used, or in some case chain link fencing! Of course todays tramps provide the rigid working area you need without the risk of getting septicemia from rusty wire.

However it seems to us that Moths have been going about two knots faster each year, in particular since the age of foils began in 2004. Top Moth sailors have been focusing on drag more and more, not just from the foils on rig, but the clothes they wear and indeed other areas on the boat.



At the 2013 Australian Moth Nationals Peter Burling used a low drag wing tramp originally developed by Matt Vincent without any airbags. These tramps also had the facility to tidy the control rope tails up in the outer wing bar envelope and they attracted a good deal of attention.

Developments has always been the DNA of the Moth class and after the event Aussie Tom Johnson came up with an imaginative rear lacing system which made for a cleaner forward entry. These tramps also allowed you to run a better continuous enclosed control line system. This system is liked by many as it means you don't run out of control rope on one side of the boat.

Working with Tom we have refined his design into the slippery tailored tramps you see here. You can run more control lines cleanly, but importantly they also have airbags, which the early designs did not.


 Now hold your horses.! They are not for everybody. Whilst they fit easily it takes some planning when it comes to threading the ropes on a continuous system, and this makes them much slower to change or assemble.

They are available now as a $US195 (plus tax) upgrade when ordering a new Mach 2 and come in Black or Blue colour ways. They can also be purchased independently for $US475 (plus tax) on the Mach 2 web shop and are listed under the "soft goods" section HERE


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