Congrats to Pete Burling who won the tough 2015 Moth worlds in a convincing fashion with Nathan Outteridge never letting go but having to settle for second. Josh McKnight sailed a solid series for third. All were sailing Mach 2 with KA sail. This takes the Mach 2 to 7 straight wins for the world championship, every one since its launch in 2009. KA have now won 10 out of the last 11 world championships. We are not resting there though, already many lessons learn from these worlds are being incorporated to new builds. The Mach 2 is the worlds fastest Moth, we will make sure it stays that way and will keep working on making the best and most reliable customer experience. For those of you who own one, over 500 now, thanks for your support and I hope we can keep supporting you for many years. For those of you who are thinking of buying one, you won't regret it, you will love it and your partner will love the new invigorated you (if he/she ever sees you, as we have to admit: it is very addictive) Rgds AMAC


Comforting to know that when you attend key regattas there is some support, especially in far away places. Well, when you buy a Mach 2 and attend a world championship, you can be sure that we are there to care for you.

At each World Championship Mach 2 provide dedicated repair and maintenance facilities, which always get the thumbs up from sailors.

What do we mean? Well let's explain. Looking like an Army field hospital we erect our M*A*S*H style workshop in the days before the event. The tarpaulin roof to keep the rain out (its never normally like this!) is carefully rigged and the stout workbench built. The many spares that we bring to keep you all on the water are unpacked and stored close to hand, power tools, fittings, nuts and bolts are all put in the right places. Within a few hours a mobile boat workshop is created which is capable of dealing with the most extreme damage.

Congratulations to Bora Gulari of the USA on becoming the 2013 International Moth World Champion! This is the second time that Bora has won the title, and he did so in a week of unprecedented light winds, which saw many cancelled races at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. The event however also produced some amazing racing and the bar has once again been set to a higher standard. 

 A popular champion, Bora kept his nerve to the end, winning a couple of races but as importantly in the tricky conditions, never really having any bad races either.

2011 Moth World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Outteridge and 2012 World Champion runner up Scott Babbage, both from Australia finished second and third and must be disappointed that the final day’s racing with four races planned, was finally cancelled due to lack of wind.



So you’ve decided to buy a new Moth! Congratulations It is one of the best decisions you have ever made, and we imagine you’ve made some good ones! But now sailing will take a turn for the better as you will shortly join the other fly boys and girls, for whom Moth sailing has become not only something one does on a Sunday, but of a way of life.

Ok, so now you‘ve told the world! Facebook and Twitter whistle with strong approvals from your friends as heady endorsements flood in.  Everyone wants to know  “when?” what model?” “Can I have a go?’  It makes you feel great! The first great feeling in a series of millions of great feelings that you will experience throughout your Moth career.  We bet that as you go to work tomorrow you’ll walk a few inches taller as you know that soon you will be sailing with the best sailors, in the best atmosphere, in the fastest growing class in the world!

The Mach2 Webshop

We have created a webshop tailored for Mach2 owners:

The webshop is not only is to buy spares: you can see the original configuration of your boat, transfer the ownership and make warranty claims.

There is also a section for Bladerider spares (Click here), and a selection of Moth specific ropes and fittings.

It also has a section with Mach2 support documents.

A big thanks to Kohei who has done all the coding and much of the design.

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