Oleg Zherebtsov, the owner and principal of Team Russia, the Russian entry in the last Volvo Ocean race will, over the next few days take delivery of his new Mach 2.! We are very pleased that sailors like Oleg are now joining the class, and this is our first boat sold to Russia!

Oleg Zherebtsov: Volvo 70 and new Mach 2 sailor

roktab heroB

JMCA Japan National Championship 2012 was consisted of 7 races at Beach's Marina, Lake Hamana, 20st-21nd Oct. Day 1 was light breeze, marginal foiling condition meaning light weight sailor had great advantage. New comer Masa Suzuki won this race and he showed his potential in following races as well. The race committe waited until 3pm for the 2nd race, not enough wind to start, and hoisted AP/A flag. As you can imagine there was better breeze after the flag came down and unsatisfied mothies went out and enjoyed ideal an 10-12 knot training for the following day.

Day 2 started with 10-12 knots from the west.  Hiroki Goto won race 2 followed by Masa and Tatsuya Wakinaga. The breeze built up gradually with 2 more races in the morning, won by Tatsu, who is current national title holder. After the lunch break, the race committe did 3 more races, Tatsu dominated with his great speed and skill.

The Championship ended with Mach2 sailor Tatsu's was victororious for the second time in a row. Hiroki was 2nd and Masa was 3rd. All 13 participants were quite happy with solid 7 races and celebrated winner. Lake Hamana and Beach's Marina is definitely the best location for foiling moth in Japan. JMCA appreciated all the staff and volunteer's efforts with to great races and great partying!

Perfect condition is promised so next national 2013 will be in here again.

Thanks to Hiroki Goto for the report.


imgHow? KA Sail has donated a sail as part of the KA  Sail 2011/12 Victorian Grand Prix.

The sail wasn't awarded to first place, but instead each sailor received a ticket for every round they entered, rewarding participation. Each ticket was numbered, and the first number that came up in the Powerball (3rd May) draw determined the winner.

Congratulations to Richard Jackson who is a deserving winner, putting a lot of work into the local association this season. We hope you enjoy the sail!


Scott Babbage has shown complete dominance in the qualifying series to win six of the nine races.  The battle for the minor places is intense with JoshMcKnight, Bora Gulari and Anthony Kotoun all on equal points for second.

Former World Champion Bora Gulari is keen to stamp his authority on the regatta-

Bora Gulari (USA): "I had a good day with two wins thanks to a bit of luck and a bit of skills. My end goal is to win this one. A few days ago I stated my goal was to finish in the top five because I wanted to be humble but after listening to all the Australians claiming they wanted to win I will also state that my end goal is to win the worlds!" - Courtesy: www.mothworlds.org


1. Scott Babbage (AUS), 1+1+1+1+1+1+(11)+2+(6)=8

2. Joshua McKnight (AUS), (6)+1+1+2+4+3+(12)+1+5=17

3. Bora Gulari (USA), 2+2+(7)+(14)+4+4+3+1+1=17

4. Anthony Kotoun (ISV), 3+3+2+(11)+2+2+3+2+(9)=17

5. Chris Rashley (GBR), 4+(7)+4+4+2+5+(7)+3+1=23

6. Joe Turner (AUS), (9)+(9)+2+3+3+5+1+3+9=26

7. Andrew McDougall (AUS), 2+(8)+5+7+(21)+2+6+4+5=31

8. Julian Salter (AUS), 7+4+3+7+(12)+1+8+(60 DNC)+2=32

9. Jason Paul Belben (GBR), (60 DNF)+(10)+6+3+3+10+2+6+2=32

10. Francesco Bianchi (ITA), 3+6+4+(16)+6+6+(35)+5+3=33

Check out some fantastic pics from the master Thierry Martinez: Click HERE

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On the eve of the 2012 Moth Worlds Championships at Campione, Lake Garda picking a winner has never been harder. With a fleet that may number 120 boats from all corners of the world and conditions that could vary from very light to fresh depending on what part of the course their sailing, the cream will undoubtedly rise to the top by the end of the regatta.

With most of the top contenders sailing in the Italian Nationals (Pre-Worlds Regatta) many lessons where learnt with set up, sail choices and foil choices. The results show that many contenders sailed races where they finished in the top five followed by a result that was closer to fiftieth. This could often be attributed to setting up for fresher conditions at the bottom of the course, but not allowing for the lighter conditions found at the top mark.

Scott Babbage sailed his Mach2 into first place without a heat win, consistently scoring low scores throughout the series. Joe Turner finished in second with 2009 World Champion Bora Guari in third. It appears at this early stage that the Australians have the edge with speed, but only time will tell who will come out on top.

Another noticeable aspect of the regatta is the colourful and creative designs many of the boats are sporting. With Mothapalooza about to kick off and big prize money up for grabs, it looks like pimping up your Moth is about to become the norm!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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