Introducing the Mach2.3

The third major upgrade in the illustrious life of the Mach2 Moth has been completed and is now shipping.

We've been working hard to make the Mach2 faster, stronger and more reliable, whilst only adding 150 grams to the overall weight.

The M2.3 incorporates production improvements, lessons learned from the Sorrento World Championships and sailor feedback.

This is the best version yet of the our 7 times World Championship winning boat.

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Speed Demons

Moth sailors inherently love speed and when a sailor combines a Mach2 with a Velocitek the inevitable outcome will be bragging rights for their top speeds.  If you have had a good day out on the water and think you have a speed worthy of being on this page make sure you send it through!




Following his win at Lake Garda, 2012 World Moth Champion, Josh McKnight recently set an outstanding top speed and ten second average on his Mach2.  It goes to show the Mach2 / KA Sail is a killer combination!

Josh McKnight battling it out on Melbourne's Port Phillp Bay





Scott Babbage set this speed earlier this year on Sydney Harbour whilst training with Josh McKnight.  Any top speed that's above 30 knots is well worth a mention, but to have a ten second average that is also above 30 knots, wow!

Scott Babbage in full flight on Melbourne's Port Phillip Bay



width=It appears the Mach2 sailors from Japan will soon be a force to be reckoned with.  Sailing at a lake in Japan near Mount Fuji, Hiroki Goto, set a very impressive top speed of 31.0 knots, only to surpassed his on record the following day with a top speed of 31.4 knots and a ten second average of 28.4 knots.


Hiroki Goto sporting an impressive Red Bull colour scheme



<imgStraight off the back of winning the Elvstrom Zellerbach Regatta in San Francisco, rising star Eric Aakhus set his speed in Detroit. Eric set 30.8 knots sailing against a 1.5-2 knot current, what could have been? Eric was also using an MSL16.......


Eric turning it on in front of Alcatraz - San Francisco 




Jack (Ebay Boy) won his silver Mach2 on Ebay after Mach2 auctioned off the boat for charity.  Jack is one of the youngest moth sailors in the world and has been sailing his Mach2 since he was 15 years old. Now 17 and one of the smaller sailors in the fleet Jack did well to set his speed of 29 knots in sunny Queensland

 Jack sailing in the Australian National Titles - Mornington



Emma Spiers sails out of Sydney Harbour and is always in contention for the Women's trophy, whether it be World or at a National level.  Emma recently competed in the 2012 World Championships at Campione del Garda and managed a very impressive top speed.  

There aren't toom many women on the planet who can say that they have reached nearly 28 knots on a single handed sailing boat!  













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