Introducing the Mach2.3

The third major upgrade in the illustrious life of the Mach2 Moth has been completed and is now shipping.

We've been working hard to make the Mach2 faster, stronger and more reliable, whilst only adding 150 grams to the overall weight.

The M2.3 incorporates production improvements, lessons learned from the Sorrento World Championships and sailor feedback.

This is the best version yet of the our 7 times World Championship winning boat.

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Moth Class Specifications


- Max hull length 3.35m (11ft) + 500mm extensions allowed front and back

- Max width 2.25m

- Sail area 8.0m2

- Single sail, single hull, single crew

- No weight or material restrictions (typical hull 10kg, typical all up 30kg)

- Ideal Crew weight: Big range from 50kg to 90kg due to advantages at each end of the scale: Light - get on foils earlier; Heavy - utilize power gains from high apparent winds.

- Restrictions: Multihulls, trapezes, moveable seats and sailboards are prohibited.

- Wing sails: Allowed

- Foils: Allowed

- In fact, anything not specifically restricted is allowed, the first paragraph of the IMCA rules says:

"The International Moth is a single-handed development class boat. The intention of these class rules is to give the designer and builder the fullest liberty in design and construction, within these rules to develop and produce faster boats"

- The size, and need to be practically sailed, is what keeps the boat sane, although some would argue that the boat is insane - insanely fun and addictive.

- The full rules can be found HERE

- The IMCA "Rules and Documents" can be found HERE






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